Catchy Colors Photoblog: Orchid

Friday, August 12, 2005


Orchid in sunshine, originally uploaded by the phototherapist.

"He had put a spray of Cymbiduim Doris in the vase on his desk and got his personal seventh of a ton disposed in his oversized custom-made chair, and was scowling at the dust jacket of a book, one of the items that had been addressed to him, when the phone rang and I got it."
--Rex Stout, Blood Will Tell

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Blogger Oliver said...

I suppose I should be proud that our little blog has become popular enough to attract comment spam.

Blogger UK said...

Wonderful blog. I visit here everyday and am never disappointed. I wonder if people whose 'captures' are showcased here would care enough to tell us little about their 'instrument': camera.

Blogger said...

Why aren't you posting anymore? I hope you didn't give up on us ?


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