Catchy Colors Photoblog: WINNERS - 1st Place - Bell Pepper Contest

Thursday, July 07, 2005

WINNERS - 1st Place - Bell Pepper Contest

CATEGORY: ONE OF A KIND - Winner A Crystal Bee
One of a Kind

Paprika's party

CATEGORY: HOMIES - Winner selva
Feeling spicy...

Congratulations to all the Winners of 1st Place.

Now... announcing Winners in 2nd Place *drumroll*
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The The picture posted by Crystal Bee is absolutely was so expressive and really made one think!! Thank you for the contribution. I cannot wait to see more photographs from this artist.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo posted by "Crystal Bee" was a very worthy winner...I have never in my many years of viewing photos and art work came upon a more inspirational piece.It made me wonder whether I have ever really seen a good piece. The way the peppers were positioned was absoulutely unbelieveable..the color scheme was magnificent. I have viewed and judged pieces in places ranging from New York to Bejing China and I can honestly say this is by far the best work I've ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on! I can't wait to see more works and I would love to see what they could do with another subject!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crystal Bee certainly deserved the honor. did i ever come across sucha pic!though not a professional myself couldnt help admiring the masterpiece. and yeah, waiting for more


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