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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mode d'emploi? - User guide?

Mode d'emploi? - User guide?, originally uploaded by afer92 (off). translated from the original French at ... "It is his great passion for the Indians of North America that brings Mario Luraschi's interest in horses, and later, stunt and film. In 1965 he participated in the creation of theme park "La Vallée des Peaux-Rouges" where he lives in a teepee, dresses like an Indian, performs the ritual dances such as wind and dance ... He has 18 years, and even though his father has recommended to choose a "real" job, he never left this world of horse and show that exalts. His sole purpose: to know everything about horses and riding. This determination led him to Spain and Portugal, the United States to Argentina. This journey around the world allows him to meet the key people that will open the doors of knowledge. Thus the knowledge and talent of Paco and Luis Yanez Valencia will drive the requirement to live and work in perfect harmony with the horse, the animal he loves above all else.

Having worked extensively as a stuntman and advise riding more than 400 films, directed shows as diverse as "Excalibur" in Las Vegas, "Buffalo Bill Wild West Show" at EuroDisney or "Legend of the Wild West" presented at Bercy, he became director of short films, and director second team on many feature films require an expert eye for the establishment of large delicate scenes, as in " Napoleon" with Christian Clavier (l explosion of the boat deck) "Jeanne d'Arc" directed by Luc Besson and "Brothers Grimm's" directed by Terry Gilliam."

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