Catchy Colors Photoblog: Work Around: Using 5D MkII (for HD video recording)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Work Around: Using 5D MkII (for HD video recording)

Setting Full control on Aperture, Originally uploaded by tony.eckersley

Total control over 'ISO' and 'Shutter' speed [1/40 to 1/8000]

Follow these steps when HD video recording with the Canon 5D Mk II D-SLR to get full control over Aperture, forcing ISO and shutter speed to automatically adjust to their right settings. Lock down with AELock if desired.


1) Use manual mode or Av mode and set your aperture and ISO
2) Switch into live view.
3) Press and hold the DOF preview button and then press the lens release button and twist then lens 1-2mm until the live view turns off.
4) Turn on live view.
5) Press record - shutter speed should adjust and the ISO should stay at your desired setting. You can also lock the shutter speed and ISO by using the AELock, so if for some reason your ISO jumps up, lock it down using a bright object (light). The Aperture will read as 00 but it will record what you manually set it as..

This may break camera, who knows... Don't blame me!

Originally Posted on The Digital Video Information Network

Work Around Technique Tested:

Canon 5D MKII 1/800 shutter f2.2 50mm ISO 100 from James Miller on Vimeo.

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