Catchy Colors Photoblog: Lebanon, I'm Sorry..

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lebanon, I'm Sorry..

LEBANON, I'm Sorry.., originally uploaded by StillWaiting.

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Blogger Kevin Arnold said...

I am just curious, why are you sorry for lebanon? Certainly there are reasons to be sorry for them, but I am curious. Are you sorry for Isrial too? They have suffered too. I would want my country to defend me from an organization that wanted to abolish my government. Wouldn't you? I certainly don't have an answer, and honestly I don't know anyone who does.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't live over there, now do you ? What would you do if the Mexico military was constantly crossing the US lines in front of frozen UN soldiers, occasionnally capturing people to question them, flying over New York with military jets every morning, and every once in a while breaking the sound barrier to make people panick? And no, i'm not talking about thirty years ago. It's happening now.

You watch the news ? Too bad, you won't know what happens there. Ironic isn't it ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you ever judge on a country that you never visited or lived in it an enough good time , to tell your thoughts about it.

lebanese people are the most people who faced lots of wars against them by israeli military forces , not mentioning their secrete conspiracies in lebanon.

what does israel has to do in lebanon, or they do think that it's a part of their "alleged" country which is from Nile to Furat!, including Syria and jordan and iraq.


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