Catchy Colors Photoblog: Wondering where all the new pictures have gone?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wondering where all the new pictures have gone?

New posts have been pretty few and far between, haven't they? Let us assure you, we haven't gone walkies on you. Our team of admins has been hard at work on a big new project.

2005 was huge for the group. Ginormous. In twelve months, Catchy Colors went from literally nothing to the third largest group on Flickr--over 13,400 members strong. Along the way, this blog was born, where hundreds of CC's cream of the crop photos are memorialized. CC also won a Flicky Award for excellence in a group with over 1,000 members. And every bit is thanks to its members, those people who are at the heart of the discussion boards and who share their best, most colorful photos with us daily.

So to commemorate a fantastic year, and in recognition of our members, we asked everyone to submit their single most colorful shot for inclusion in a 2005 Catchy Colors Journal--a yearbook of sorts, only without the cliche'd inscriptions and that dorky picture of you dropping your books in the hallway.

Take a peek. It's pretty simple right now, but there are lots of ideas floating around back in the lab that we think you'll enjoy. So keep checking back--both here and there--and let us know what you think.

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